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Adriaan Goede
High availability of products for every need

Effective technology for the First In First Out storage of foodstuffs

The family-run company Adriaan Goede B.V. in Landsmeer, Netherlands, has produced spray-dried egg powder and liquid egg products for over 120 years. Adriaan Goede processes more than two million eggs every day.

Greater capacity within the same space

Despite seasonal variations, Adriaan Goede always delivers. As the storage capacity of the company began to reach its limits, we received the order to build a new warehouse and equip it with the necessary technology. The requirements made of the technology to be installed were varied: The aim was to ensure high reliability of supply and to use the available space as effectively as possible. To do so, the company wanted to improve order picking and loading capacity whilst ensuring that storage was done via the First In First Out (FIFO) principle. Ultimately, the aim was to improve work safety and also to reduce warehouse costs over the long term.

Dirk Goede
CEO of Adriaan Goede B.V., Netherlands

“Jungheinrich has already proven to be a committed and reliable partner in the past.”

Compact system from a single source

We designed a complete solution consisting of a channel rack, basic trucks, and a multi-depth storage system. This means simple and effective technology can be used to store egg products cost-effectively. The installed multi-depth storage system has space for 720 pallets. Pallets can be stored in line with the FIFO principle in each of the 18 rack channels. Owner Dirk Goede was delighted: “There is no need to empty an aisle to get access to the upper pallets”, he reports. An additional benefit of the implemented solution is the time saving aspect: Downtime can be avoided as the operator can use the UPC (Under Pallet Carrier) during approach via a controller on the fork lift truck. Safety of staff at work is improved in that complex manoeuvring with the fork lift truck is no longer needed, whilst the use of the UPC means that the number of fork lift trucks in the warehouse is also reduced.

Efficient use of space enables the company to save on storage costs in the long term. The multi-depth storage system has shown itself to be the ideal solution for Adriaan Goede B.V. as every other option would have meant that space utilisation would have been lower by ten to twenty percent.

A committed partner for many years

As Dirk Goede from Adriaan Goede B.V. recognised, the available space was running out, so he didn’t hesitate and contacted us directly: “We already have Jungheinrich drive-in racking and fork lift trucks. Jungheinrich has proven itself in the past to be a committed and reliable partner” says the CEO of the family-run business, making it an easy decision.

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